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Prefab Substation Enclosures Built To Spec

Electrical substation buildings and substation enclosures require strict standards and high dependability to ensure the protection of all electrical equipment inside. At Panel Built, we strive not to just meet all quality goals, but to exceed them. We construct each of our substation buildings to the exact requirements of our customer to ensure 100% satisfaction throughout the entire buying process. We provide numerous HVAC options to ensure that your machinery or equipment is always properly heated or cooled.

Substation Enclosure Manufacturing & Installation

Panel Built, Inc. is your source for customizable substation buildings and enclosures. We provide shipping to all areas in the continental United States, and offer installation on all of our projects. So you no longer have to worry about coordinating with 10 different companies to complete your project; you can do it all with us. We can also construct your enclosure on a steel base to allow it to be crane lifted for installation or moving.

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