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Custom Transit Shelter Designs for Stops & Stations of All Types

Although prefabricated in our modular construction facilities, Panel Built can still custom design and manufacture our transit shelters to fit each project's specific requirements. Panel Built's transit shelters are formed from a heavy-duty, welded steel-framed design to provide longevity and resistance against the elements. The shelters are delivered to the project site fully fabricated and pre-assembled. However, if the shelter requires a length or width wider than can fit on a truck, the structure can be broken into modules to be connected together at the project site.

Panel Built Transit Shelters Quickly & Easily Installed On-Site

With the Transit Shelters delivered to the site pre-assembled, installing the system on site is incredibly easy. The structure(s) are delivered carefully packaged to the project site to help prevent dings or damage during transportation. The shelters will arrive atop a flatbed truck, where they will either need to be offloaded via forklift or crane (crane lugs will be installed into the roof system if required). From there, the shelter simply needs to be put in place, anchored into place, and hooked into a power source (if needed).

Offered With A Variety of Additional Options & Features

Generally, when designing a new transit station or stop, the patrons will need more than just a shelter in place. To offer a complete package for our Transit Stations, Panel Built offers a variety of options to help ensure the new transit stop perfectly fits your project's requirements. Interior lighting, exterior security lighting, tinted windows, mounted benches, advertising spaces (both interior and exterior cases), trash cans, and more! If you're interested in another option/feature you're looking to include in your transit stop, just let us know, and we will adapt our system to best fit your needs!

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