Multi-Story Modular Offices | 2 Story Prefab Office

When expanding a facility it is common to have little downtime. By using modular offices you not only save on cost but the process is 70% faster than conventional construction methods. All of the components are prefabricated in our facility and then installed onsite leaving the area with little to no waste making it the greener option as well. Available in a variety of panel finishes, Panel Built can flexibly meet your requirements for acoustics, R-factors, chemical resistance and aesthetics. Our pre-coated aluminum panels are resistant to abrasion and easily cleaned. For low maintenance, our vinyl covered gypsum panels are available with powder-coated binder posts for seamless appearance.
Two-Story modular offices install quickly and reclaim wasted high ceiling space. Additionally, inplant offices can be placed on a mezzanine to utilize the floor space below while still getting an overview of the facility. These custom designed two-story modular offices are engineered for years of use, you can relocate or expand your building as your needs change. Add a conference room or breakroom to your design for additional functionality.
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