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Custom Warehouse Office Designs And Layouts

Our warehouse offices can come with a number of different options to provide you with the most comfortable and safe work environment possible. We provide soundproofing materials to reduce the noise coming from your warehouse, high R-factor insulation with an HVAC to control the temperature inside, and we even provide fire-resistant paneling in for facilities dealing with combustible materials. 

Also, we understand that a lot of warehouses do not always have a lot of room to spare, that's why we offer warehouse offices on top of mezzanines; you will be able to have all the office space you need, a bird's eye view of the warehouse, and won't take up any extra room on the warehouse floor.

Modular Design For Easy Installation On-Site

As a manufacturer and installer of warehouse offices, Panel Built, Inc. can take care of practically aspect of your new warehouse office space. Prefabricated in our modular construction facilities, warehouse offices can be quickly and efficiently installed into your facility with minimal on-site disruption. Warehouse offices can be delivered pre-assembled or "knock-down" to be quickly assembled on site.

Warehouse Offices are a Quick & Convenient Building Solution

A modular building in your warehouse provides you with a office or breakroom space that offers a number of benefits to your facility. As an office space, a warehouse offices offer a comfortable and controlled space for employees and supervisors to work. As a bonus, adding office space to a warehouse puts your supervisors and engineers right next to the work processes going on in the plant. This way, your employees will be able to have their own separate work place for productivity, but will be able to easily communicate with others on the floor.

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See The Difference Modular Makes!

Working in the modular construction industry since 1995, Panel Built has completed thousands of modular building projects across the United States and internationally.  Our modular system can create offices, break rooms, restrooms, and practically any enclosure you could find in a warehouse.  With our experience and flexible design, Panel Built can help you find a fast, convenient space solution for your project.  

Get The Most Out of Limited Space

To compliment our line of offices, Panel Built also manufactures and installs steel warehouse platforms to take advantage of the unused vertical space in your facility.  For warehouses in a space crunch, Panel Built can elevate your office space to take advantage of the high ceiling of your warehouse.  An elevated office space provides a bird's eye view of your warehouse floor while still offering valuable space below for storage, manufacturing space, and more! 
Past Warehouse Office Projects
Two Story Black Office Space
Warehouse Office in White
Two Story In-Plant Building
Double Warehouse Office
Two Story Black Office Space
Warehouse Office in White
Elevated Supervisors Workspace
Portable Offices

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