Advantages of Modular Substation Buildings


Substation buildings and enclosures require very strict standard and code requirements due to the high levels of electricity flowing through the equipment.  Panel Built’s modularized substation buildings not only meet all of these high standards but will meet them swiftly and affordably.  Our exterior modular enclosures are entrusted with preserving many different types of equipment and machinery, from high-grade water pumps to laser work areas. 

substation Therefore, our areas can be highly specialized to fit nearly any environment or application.  In this instance, the building would need to have the structural integrity to properly house the substation, however, modular construction can allow for added benefits over tradition substation enclosures.  

Why a Modular Substation Building?

With our unique building system, the panels for the substation will be constructed in a controlled, manufacturing environment; this manufacturing process allows for a few advantages.  The first advantage is that this controlled environment allows for the protection of the substation building materials. In traditional construction, a building or enclosure is construction in an open area, exposed to the elements.  If a storm happens to come through during the process, the precipitation could soak into the building materials, potentially harming their strength and durability. Also, the controlled manufacturing ensures that every wall panel produced exactly the same, protecting the panels from construction errors.

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Another benefit Panel Built offers to substation manufacturers is our ability to construct an enclosure to their exact specifications.  Although our wall panels are pre-manufactured, Panel Built designs and engineers every structure exactly to the customer’s specifications and requirements. In fact, one of the greatest advantages of our product is its customization.  In the instance of a modular substation building, the enclosure can be designed to fit into the preexisting architecture of the substation (for high-end applications), or it can be made as simply, and affordably as possible.  Since we place such a high emphasis on customer satisfaction, we even offer to help in the design process in order to help you find the best solution to you space needs.


Turn-Key Substation Building Solutions

Substation Building

Panel Built’s substation buildings provide all of the benefits of modular construction with the added bonus of providing a turnkey product.  Time is a luxury most companies cannot afford.  We understand this problem, which is why our turnkey solutions allow you to complete your project as quickly as possible with little to no downtime.  Plus, only having to deal with one company to finish your job reduces the overall hassle of the project, minimizing the coordination effort needed to get everything done. We ship to all areas of the United States for our projects and offer corrosion resistant, paintable walls, perfect for a substation. Every step of the way from designing, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and installation Panel Built will ensure the entire project goes a smoothly as possible.

Proven Strength 

Probably the most important task for these buildings is holding their structural integrity. With the equipment and transformers inside, any type of weakness in the building could cause a total failure of the entire system. Therefore, only the strongest buildings and the best materials may be used.  Before your modular building is installed into its site, the structure must first be shipped, sometimes fully intact. Because you cannot always ensure smooth sailing and perfect road conditions, our buildings are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and assembly. Therefore, modular buildings must inherently be built stronger in order for them to retain their structural integrity through and after transportation.

The Substation Enclosure Benefits

Oftentimes, the most critical aspect of a substation building project is the lead-time from start to finish. With a modular substation building, you can shorten some of the processes in this realm. First off, the construction phase and the site development phase of the project are allowed to occur concurrently, leaving only the installation left for the project to be completed. Because these two parts are done at the same time, modular construction projects can be completed 30% – 50% quicker than their conventional construction counterparts. Secondly, since construction takes place in an assembly-line, factory-like setting, there is a smaller chance of unexpected delays in the construction process, allowing you to better control the project timeline.  Substation EnclosureOverall, using modular construction to help aid in the completion of your substation project can produce benefits in a number of avenues.  In fact, based on a survey of contractors from McGraw-Hill Construction, of the contractors that utilized prefabricated construction in their projects, 75% saw improvement in project schedule, 74% saw decreases in project budget, and 46% saw an increase in site safety. Plus, Panel Built modular buildings are 100% portable, allowing you flexibility in the future if needed.  Due to its assembly line mentality, the manufacturing process is streamlined, leaving only the installation left to complete on site.  For a substation building, this means when all the equipment is put in place, the substation enclosure can be installed immediately, leaving minimal downtime for you. 

If you have a substation building or substation enclosure question or inquiry, just call our sales team at 800-636-3873,  email us at , or Request a Quote.  For your substation needs, we strive not just to meet all of your quality goals, but to far exceed them.