Metal Building Purchase Considerations


With lower engineering costs and speed of construction, metal buildings are an excellent investment for commercial and industrial companies looking for a cost effective alternative to traditional construction. A quality building at an excellent value is guaranteed when purchased from a reputable manufacturer. Choosing a reputable manufacturer can seem like a difficult decision. Many options exist for those looking to purchase a metal building. With the vast selection of metal buildings for sale, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin when comparing the many available choices. The information that follows details the characteristics of a quality product and is intended to help potential consumers make an informed purchasing decision, rather than a decision based on metal building prices alone.  

Points to Consider for an Accurate Comparison of Available Options

Metal buildings should be built to last as well as meeting the consumer’s needs. There are certain features a high-quality metal building should contain. This checklist provides the basic features of a superior product. Ensuring that these minimum manufacturing requirements are met means that the purchase is an investment in a quality product.
  • 20 gauge, 1 ¾” inch thick painted galvanized steel door with tempered glass window
  • Value core panel
  • Binder post system with receptacle and electrical wiring running down the center
  • Capable of being lifted by forklift or crane
  • Steel dust cover
  • Foam gasket for added soundproofing and weatherproofing
  • Painted aluminum extrusions
  • Acoustical drop ceiling
  • Fluorescent 2’ x 4’ light fixture
  • ¼” thick tempered glass windows – sliding or fixed
  • Duplex receptacles located in the binder post with data and phone capabilities
    Another consideration is the origin of the metal building and the materials used to construct it. The client should ask if the product is an American made product. Questions should include if the materials are American made and where the building itself is manufactured. When choosing a manufacturer, potential clients should consider the application of the building. Not all manufacturers are able to offer products for commercial and industrial use. Some companies offer buildings that are exclusively for residential use. An important factor to assess when selecting a building is the quality of the materials used. All materials used to meet most, if not all, applicable national building codes and OSHA requirements. Applications for military use must meet military specifications. A warranty should also be offered on workmanship. A concern of some potential clients is if the company can offer exactly what the client needs. Many manufactures offer only prefabricated designs. If the needs extend beyond what prefabricated options are available, the client needs to find a company that can offer custom solutions within strict timelines. The client should also consider the scope and quality of customer service a company can provide. Customer service comprises design and engineering support, the ability to offer quality products in both standard and custom built solutions, timely quotations with detailed project drawings, competitive pricing, expert help and advice, and on-time deliveries and installation.  

Advantages of Choosing Panel Built

Panel Built is a world class, family-owned, United States based manufacturer of metal buildings for sale. The company is a single source manufacturer meaning they design and manufacture the product using an integrated approach in two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the North Georgia Mountains. The complete line of products offered have been utilized by commercial and industrial companies such as Barnes & Noble, Bridgestone, and Toyota, as well as in military applications at Marine Corps Logistic Base in Georgia, Naval Weapons Station in California, and the Ohio National Guard. Panel Built offers its clients the advantage of one stop shopping, fast turnaround, unique solutions, and superior service. With multiple product lines and the ability to complete custom projects, the company can offer endless possibilities to its clients. The ability to offer custom project capability means clients have assurance that the best solution for specific needs is met. An unparalleled commitment to total customer satisfaction guarantees delivery to the client of creative solutions that meet space requirements and budget constraints. A client’s project gets underway with a free price quotation and CAD drawing from a dedicated sales team. This team is available to answer questions regarding a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes. A loyal customer service team works cooperatively with the shipping and installation departments to ensure minimal disruptions to a client’s business during delivery and set-up. Panel Built’s team of professionals are ready to assist through every step of a project. Learn more about the company and request a free quote and project drawing at