Modular Building Prices for Schools


Prefabricated Modular BuildingsAt Panel Built, we have the experience needed to outfit even school with modular buildings to meet the ever increasing needs of available teaching space for rapidly growing schools. When building project and funding are not keeping pace with the growth of the school district it is sometimes necessary to provide space in creative way. If you are a school official, you know the struggle of meeting the needs of your student body while also ensuring the safety of them as well. We can meet your immediate needs with competitive modular building prices for schools. Our buildings are designed for high quality and lasting endurance that are on pace with the budget planning of any school district. While modular classrooms may not be ideal, we think you would be more than pleasantly surprised at how safe, versatile and cost effective modular office spaces can be when converted to onsite classrooms or labs for school use. Visit our website today to see what we have available and how safe and cost effective our buildings can be. Our safety standards are industry leading and with over 20 years’ experience, we are confident when we say we have the best modular building prices for schools as well as the safest and most reliable product on the market.

Prefabricated Modular Buildings by Panel Built

Prefabricated Modular buildings by Panel Built can be an economical way to meet the demands of a growing school district while waiting on funding and building projects to come to fruition. With the wide variety of sizes and designs our engineers have available, we are positive we can meet the needs of any school in almost any situation. Our clean rooms could even be adapted as science labs of the highest caliber for those advanced classes and STEM programs offered at the secondary level in many states. Metal buildings by Panel Built are designed for ease of set up and functionality when in use. Panel Built Incorporated has been in business since 1995, and we know modular buildings like the back of your hand. We offer anything from a 10 x 10 office or classroom space to larger buildings that can meet the class size requirements of your school system. Our buildings come all ready to be set up and installed, engineered to your specifications and constructed with the upmost quality. When you need class space in a hurry, but don’t know how you are going to serve the vast number of students arriving at your door, call Panel Built Incorporated to see what we can do for you. Panel Built has a wide array of designs and color schemes to meet the needs of planners everywhere. These buildings can be set up quickly with your chosen designs and colors already in place. All you need to do is add your desks and technology, and your modular classroom is ready to be filled with eager students and enthusiastic teachers.

Modular Metal Buildings

Prefabricated Modular BuildingsIf you are a school official and you are thinking about utilizing modular metal buildings to add to your existing classrooms, Panel Built Incorporated is the only place to look. We have developed and designed the best buildings with the best engineers in the business today. We have been committed to customer satisfaction and high quality for over twenty years. Our mission is to provide our customers with the flexibility that a modular metal building can provide without scrimping on quality or safety in any way. We accomplish this by guaranteeing our work, and we can guarantee our work by utilizing the expertise of the best engineers and designers in the industry while providing the best customer service. Our customer service representatives can help you select the right product for you, walk you through the selection and purchase process and make sure you are satisfied after the product has been delivered. We want your business and we are willing to work for it. You won’t be disappointed when you chose us to manufacture and deliver your new classrooms. Call us today at 800-636-3873 to begin discussions on how you can get your free quote and drawings of potential designs that will meet your needs. Our website also has case studies, picture galleries and design specifications for our modular offices that you can easily convert to modular classrooms. Not ready to call? Visit our website at and explore all your options. You can even sign up for our email list or fill out our free quote form with no commitments on your part. However, we know that when you see all that Panel Built Incorporated has to offer in regards to expanding your usable class space, you will want to learn more. We are here when you are ready to find out our modular building prices for schools and to start the process of choosing your buildings and growing your school!