Secure Your Business with one of our Prefabricated Security Guard Houses!


job-8215-1-1-1 When building a business , one of the largest aspects of the construction and maintenance of that home or business that must be taken into account is the security and protection of it. Most businesses put a security alarm system in to protect , but sometimes an extra measure is needed if there is added reason for concern for the safety of the occupants or if the contents being protected are sensitive or dangerous. Security guards are a great way to protect the things that are most valuable to you. However, extra measures must be taken if one is to include security guards in their security plan for their residence or business. Guard houses should be included in the security plan for the guard and the location’s benefit. Guard booths are important to have if one is to have security guards so that the guards are protected from the elements. It also allows the guards to prevent entryway by being able to stop intruders or visitors from entering the premises before they get on the actual property. Security booths also allow guards to monitor security cameras from inside a protected location. All of our guard booths available online for sale have the ability to have cameras mounted, have video or computer equipment built-in to the counters and much more!  You can feel secure and rest easy knowing that your property is being more than adequately protect by guards inside of the best guard booth available online at!

Why you should by a prefabricated guard house from us at Panel Built

guard _houseMost companies that sell security booths online expect you to install the majority of the parts for the house or change a crazy installation fee to complete the work for you. We at Panel Built do not want to offer you that option. That is why ours are prefabricated guard houses. That means that the frame of our guard houses come ready for you to purchase! There are so many benefits of prefabricated security guard houses, but one of these benefits is that the frame is already done, so the only thing that will have to be built is any additions or changes you may want to make to the guard house. The other great benefit about the guard houses is that they can either be pre assembled, ready to be placed into position or can be installed on spot. Being pre assembled makes it a modular guard house, which means it can be easily moved with a crane and forklift! If you decide that you would like your guard house to be pre assembled, it will come pre-packaged and wrapped for shipping and will arrive at your location in no time at all. If you move locations, there’s no need to buy new guard houses because your portable guard house is easily transported to a new spot or location whenever you need it. If you get your guard house installed and decide to move it or want to add an addition to it, there’s no need for worry or concern: our panel-based houses are easily added to. We also offer three different types of roofs: shed, gable and standing seam roofs so you can match the style of your home or business more accurately. The construction and installation of your guard houses should not be left in your hands or for you to spend more money upon. We want to take care of it all for you so you can get back to focusing on what matters: securing your location fully and completely. When you are looking for where to buy prefabricated guard houses online, you may be unsure about purchasing one because of the lack of opinion you can have on the conceptual design of the house. However, with us at Panel Built even though we offer prefabricated security houses, that does not mean that you cannot completely customize the actual house. Although each one of our houses has a basic frame, we start each security house from scratch and build up. Each step of the way, you can tweak and change little aspects of the guard house to make it exactly the way you want it to be. If you have an idea already in mind about what you want your security booth to look like, please just let us know, either by description or rough sketch, and we will design and tweak our security house to look exactly like how you want it to! We want to give you a custom security house, without the added pressure of installing and designing it by yourself, which is why we are the best panel built security booth company online and offline! This gives you the best value for your money and assures you that you are getting the most for your purchase. The mobility of the guard house, the customization of it, along with the sheer simpleness of installation and construction is what makes us stand out from all of the other prefab guard house suppliers that are online right now. We believe in making our customers happy from the start to the finish of the process, so if during any part of the process you become unhappy with some or a portion of your new guard houses, please let us know and we will be sure to tweak it in whatever way you desire. Ready to start securing your life? Contact us at Panel Built today and let’s get started!