Steel Catwalks | Prefabricated Metal Catwalks

Metal Catwalks Create Custom Pathways Through Your Facility

Panel Built's steel catwalks allow you to transform the way your facility works.  Adding these structures offers easier access equipment, but more importantly, helps ensure overall employee safety as well.  Panel Built offers catwalks with custom railing options, allowing customers to pick the best choice for their facility. These options include, but are not limited to, metal pickets, expanded metal mesh, parallel horizontal railings, OSHA-rated, and IBC-rated designs. 

Prefabricated, Yet Custom Metal Catwalk Solutions

Panel Built's steel catwalks can be entirely custom designed for your facility's particular needs. From equipment access to employee walkways, catwalks have a number of uses in manufacturing settings.  Panel Built offers specialized safety gates, stair systems, ladders, and more for companies to customize their design

Free-Standing Catwalk Decking & Designs For Practically Any Application

Panel Built industrial catwalks are available in a variety of decking options, including advantech, bar grating, resindek, concrete, and more options.  Further, Panel Built catwalks are available in custom widths, able to make the pathway wider or more narrow where needed.  Catwalks can either be powder coated in black, grey, red, blue, yellow, or white.  Galvanized steel components are available for exterior catwalk systems. Panel Built is a full provider of structural catwalks with a network of installation crews all across the country. 

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